Trisha and Vansh don't have hands.
Help them to get prostheses!

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Millions of people without hands both kids and adults live in India. Most of them cannot get prostheses because of their price. We want to change it. Modern prostheses can replace the functions of a lost hand, improve health and increase self-confidence. Confident people can do everything and build a New Future.
Our goal is to help two kids to get functional prosthetic hands that will change their lives. People will stop laughing at them and looking with pity. They will stop seeing in kids disabled but will see superheroes with mighty hands! And you can become those who will change this attitude! Help them to start right now: donate at least 10₹ or share the link on your social media!


It's impossible to tell the story of each child. Sometimes families are not ready to share their situation in public. But we have a couple of brave ones who decided to tell about themselves out loud. They are amazing! Support them with action — donate or share the link to this campaign on social media!

Vansh studies at St. Colombo School in Faridabad and likes football. He lost one of his hands in 2018 as a result of an electric shock. The trauma was so severe that the hand was amputated.

“I don't feel good about my disability. I don't go out much and don't like to mingle much socially as I feel like lack somewhere. — tells the boy. — If I start using a Cyborg's hand I believe that I would feel much more confident about myself.”

In the future he wants to be a National Level Footballer, doing football coaching. We asked Vansh why he wants a cyborg’s hand. He answered: “I want to do the activities that I am not able to do now, like closing bag chains, using a mouse, holding a water bottle, wearing socks, etc.”


Trisha has a different story, she was born without a hand. Now she is 8 years old and studies at school in Himachal Pradesh. She liked sports: cricket and football and despite everything she likes making friends.

Her dream is to become the first doctor in her family. She wants to get a cyborg’s hand for the following reason: “My friends are kidding me and making jokes about my hand, I will feel more confident with a cyborg’s hand.”


My name is Nabil, I am a prosthetist with a dream: I want every Indian kid who needs a functional prosthesis could get it and make his or her life better, easier, and healthier. That is why I founded Motorica company.

When I was a child I always saw people without arms begging on the streets after my school ride home in a bus, and come home to see cool terminators and be amazed by how it was possible? Was it even possible? Then I grew up, went to university, and took up prosthetics as a major. I wanted to do something meaningful.


At one of the medical conferences, I happened to see modern prosthetic arms. They returned functions of the fingers.

With them, a person could grab, take, hold, and carry. On top of that, they were beautiful. It was possible to choose any design, color, decor, smartwatches, or bank cards. I was amazed. As well as the users of these prostheses. A prosthetic arm was installed before my eyes, I saw how he stopped feeling like an invalid and felt like a superhero.

It became my Big Dream to make such prostheses in India. I founded a company. Together with my team, we develop the rehabilitation industry. To make our country technological, and people without hands superheroes - the pilots of the technologies of the future.

Our company is a part of a global team. They shared their experience and expertise in dealing even with different cases even the difficult ones. Now we make prosthetic arms for children from the age of two and create the design of prostheses that kids wear with joy.

Specialists in our team are rehabilitologists, engineers, programmers, and designers. They all have been taught by the European masters and now are ready to apply their best to make many Indian children happier.

What we have now
20 kids who need prosthetic arms
What we need
2 000 000 rupees to turn little Indians into new superheroes.


  • We’ll create individual prosthetic arms for each kid (it includes the production of prosthetic arms and the specialist's work)
  • Provide tickets and accommodation for kids and their parents
  • We’ll teach the kids how to use their super arms in the rehabilitation process.
Join us, donate, share our dream with your friend and let’s make a big step into a new technological Future!