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Creating future Cyborgs and providing accessible prosthetic hands to India

Best of technology and service from across the globe at your doorstep with the basic service cost. Help you save up to 50% of treatment cost from traditional going to local clinic process.

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    How To Choose a Prosthetic Arm?

    People with amputated limbs or congenital health conditions have a choice: live without a prosthesis, wear a cosmetic prosthesis, use a functional body-powered or bionic hand.
    Cyborg future healthcare
    First in the industry to introduce the D2C model of business
    Help connect the manufacturer with end customer
    Breaking the long chain and directly serving your end customer
    Provide service for all levels of upper limb amputation
    Here is why you should rely on us when
    • We design and create customised prostheses for you in no time
      We take the minimum time necessary to create and install a prosthesis following the first visit to one of our centres.
    • We provide individual assistance with one of our managers at all stages
      Starting from the first call to arranging interaction with our team of prosthetist and medical experts and ending with the selection of financing and payment options. We have one dedicated personal manager assigned for you.
    • We provide professional support to ensure the best possible outcome
      Our professional prosthetists and rehabilitation therapists support our patients before and after their prosthetics have been installed. With our unique protocol of global standards of prosthetic training programs.
    • We keep in touch with you even after the installation of your prosthesis
      As per the terms of the official warranty, we will provide free repairs and maintenance in the event of a breakdown.
    • We help you find a community of like-minded and understanding people
      We are building a community of users of our high-tech rehabilitation facilities, which include a private group, a chat room, bonuses and contests organised by our partners.
    • We guarantee that each of our prostheses is of the highest quality
      This is all with the help of cutting-edge technologies of industrial 3D-printing with plastic and metal, of engines from foreign manufacturers, and of in-house developed electronics.

    Upper limb prosthetics in India